Pfft, Holding Your Head Up Is For Peasants

March 1, 2010


Because holding your head up on your own is for poor people, there's a $20 device that does all the heavy lifting for you. Fun fact: did you know the average adult-sized head weighs 8-12 lbs? Yeah, well mine weighs 18 because my brain is so big. It's the size of a beach ball BUT ISN'T FILLED WITH HOT AIR! Sand. It's mostly sand. Plus airplane glue.

The theory behind this neck traction device is that you will experience less pain if you don't have to hold up your own head. This blow up collar is meant to be good for pinched nerves, tension headaches and osteoarthritis.

Plus it makes you look cool. Just don't go pumping the blow-up bulb too much or you're gonna end up looking like a Kayan neck-ring woman. Which is to say, sexy. DO IT! DO IT OR YOU'LL NEVER MARRY!

Neck Traction a Pleasant Reminder Of Why You Shouldn't Buy Medical Devices From Gift Shops [uberreview]

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