Pedophile Feeds Baby Chick To Snake When Girls Won't Show Their Yams On Chatroulette

March 31, 2010


WARNING: Animated gif after the jump is a little graphic due to baby chicken being eaten by a snake.

This is a screencap from a Chatroulette session in which some guy feeds a baby chick to a snake after two 13-year olds won't show him their boobs. And that, my friends, is what we call one creepy-ass f***ed up pedo. Now, I'm not one to pass judgment, but I am one to cast the first stone. *CRUSH!* You know, or drop a boulder from a helicopter.

Hit it for the animation, but the chick does get chomped in the end.


5221_4c47 [izit]

Thanks to Isaac, who once fed his fish on Chatroulette with much less shocking results.

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