Of Course He Did: Unknown Chinese Author Actually Wrote 'Avatar', Suing James Cameron

March 5, 2010


Ever heard of Zhou Shaomou? Me neither, but he claims he wrote 'Tale Of The Blue Crows' in 1997 and is convinced Michael Bay James Cameron stole the premise of his novel for Avatar. He's wants to sue for a cool $162 million. Good luck with that.

The book centres around a group of explorers who travel to a distant planet inhabited by blue-skinned beings, he said.

"I wrote in my novel that their space journey took them six years but in Cameron's movie the journey takes them five years nine months and 22 days," he said.

"I was shocked when I first saw that -- it is too close."

ROFLWAFFLES! That's your basis for suing? Because if so Jules Verne owes me for a little something I penned called 'Circumnavigating The Planet In Two And A Half Months'. Haha, what do you mean Jules Verne died before I was even born? DON'T MAKE ME GO ALL '60,000 MILES BENEATH THE OCEAN' ON YOUR ASS.

Author to sue James Cameron over Avatar [9news]

Thanks to Grace, who wrote Titanic except instead of hitting an iceberg the ship was attacked by the Kraken.

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