Not Gonna Work: Robot Baby Designed To Encourage Japanese Couples To Procreate

March 24, 2010


As you may well know because you're all worldly and know things about things, Japan's birth rate is in the proverbial robotic toilet. So a group of graduate students at the University of Tsukuba designed a robot baby that's supposed to show couples how fun it is to care for a child and encourage them to hump.

The automated doll developed at the University of Tsukuba, called Yotara, giggles and "wakes up" when a rattle is shaken. He sulks and dozes off like a real baby and smiles when his stomach is rubbed. The robot can also sneeze and have a runny nose, thanks to a heated water pump system.

"We'd like people to experience the innocent, joyful expressions typical of small babies.

"Through this experience, it would be great if some people started feeling that they wanted to have their own baby, if they started feeling that working is not everything."

Wow, could you have come up with a worse way to encourage couples to have business sex? I mean, come on. You think a robot baby pissing oil and shitting circuit boards all over the place is gonna get anybody excited about having kids? No, what you need to do is play up the actual positive aspects of child rearing. Namely, free labor. Isn't that right, GW Junior? Haha, that was rhetorical -- shut up and keep scrubbing.

Birth-Boosting Hopes Of Japan's Robot Baby [yahoonews]

Thanks to Lizze, Michael, cVolt, Joseph and Sarah, who would shoot the stork that brought them a robotic baby.

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