Needs More Fillings: Robotic Dentistry Patient

March 27, 2010


Hanako is a Japanese robot patient used to train aspiring dentists. I don't know about you, but if I was operating on that thing I would drill every single one of its teeth out sans drugs. Then crowbar it in the face and call its mother Robocop.

Hanako will respond when greeted and asked several questions, and will react to the dental student working on its mouth. She can open and close her mouth when ordered, perform random actions such as a sneeze and even discharge saliva. Touch sensors in her mouth will have her wincing in pain if a press is too hard or an instrument goes somewhere it shouldn't, or gag violently if things go south.

"....if things go south"?!? I'm not putting my wiener anywhere near that thing!

Hit the jump for a video of Hanako in action.

Practice robot for dentists winces, gags and drools just like a person [dvice]

Thanks to circlesquared and Cantara, who both agree Hanako's teeth can't be fixed and it would probably be best if she were euthanized.

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