Lincoln, What Happened To Your Beard, Bro?

March 19, 2010


Geekologie Reader Edward J, being the intrepid lil' experimenter that he is, mixed-and-matched the president's faces on currency notes because he wanted to know what Honest Abe would look like without an honest beard. Kissable, that's how.

A while ago I was having a slow day at work, so i started to organizing the registers money to make closing the store easier, and i noticed that most of the presidents heads are scaled to the exact same size. Excluding the $1, $10, and $100's, you can fold them and mix and match their hair, noses, and beards. I scanned all of the best combinations I could come up with, and thought you might find them Geekologie worthy.

I'm kinda digging Abe in the top bill with all the swoopy hair. Now that's a mane. No, you're the mane! See what I did there? I'm full of shit like that.

Hit the jump for two more versions and another link to Edward's Flickr with even more.


Edward's Flickr Gallery

Thanks Edward, but can you make a throwing star?

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