Lil Tiny Pews: The World's Smallest Laser

March 25, 2010


This is a shot of, uh, actually, I don't know what. I think it's the world's smallest laser, but don't ask me what the hell's going on, because I have no idea. Shit, it could be Wolverine's penis.

...the world's smallest laser has arrived. It's 30 millionths of a meter long, it could revolutionize microprocessors as we know them...

The microlaser, which was developed over the last year and a half in Zurich, is actually shorter than the wavelength of the light it emits, a feat made possible by the use of an electrical resonant circuit as opposed to the conventional optical one.

The researchers suggested that this technique could yield lasers small enough to replace transistors, leading to vastly more efficient microprocessors.

Impressive, but I don't want a small laser, I want a GIANT one. I'm talkin' Deathstar superlaser size. I want to destroy entire planets. I'll avenge you, Pluto!

The World's Smallest Laser [gizmodo]

Thanks to mike469x, who once stared at a laser for an entire minute with little to no damage to his eyes. Mike that was a flashlight.

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