Laser Beams!: Watch Tells Time With Pews

March 1, 2010


The strictly conceptual Aurora Watch was designed by Jihun Yeom and looks like a watch with no face. Actually, it looks like a portal to your arm hair. But when you tap it, oh boy, when you tap it. LASER BEAMS!!

There's more of a transparent face with no signs of the hour or minutes hand. It's not as if the designer forgot to put them there, he just got innovative and decided to perk up this analog piece by including funky laser light beams for the hands. The red beam indicates the minutes and the blue depicts the hour. They appear only when you tap the bevel edge around the watch ring; until then it's just a hip jewelry around your wrist.

Now listen: I love lasers as much as the next guy who can shoot them out of his eyes/pants, but don't tease me with a laser watch unless you can actually make one. It ain't fair! Like showing your dog bacon, then sprinkling the bastard with catnip and meowing at him.

A Watch With No Face [yankodesign]

Thanks to Drewblu, Laurent and EclecticEgo, who don't need lasers to tell time, just somebody else with a watch.

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