It's The American Way: Cooking Bacon With A Machine Gun

March 31, 2010


and machine guns: these are the pillars on which the great US of A were built upon Trust me, I got a B in college history without even blowjaying the professor (GTA's don't count). And finally, somebody has combined America's love of firearms and fatty pork INTO A WAY TO COOK BACON.

I've discovered a new way of cooking bacon. All you need is: bacon, tin foil, some string, and.. oh whats it called?... oh yeah, an old worn out 7.62mm machinegun that is about to be discarded, and about 200 rounds of ammunition.

*sniff* It's enough to bring a tear to my eye. Like a bald eagle shat in my face, but even more patriotic.

Hit the jump for pictures of the whole process.







Exciting new way of cooking Bacon [reddit]

Thanks to Tom, Michelle, Jim, Paul, Chris Illuminati, Cpt. Sqweky and deadbodyman, who have all cooked bacon on their tailpipes before. Mmmm, carbon monoxide-y.

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