How Can I Read If All My Books Have Giant Holes In The Middle?: Lightsaber Bookends

March 26, 2010


Been searching for the perfect Star Wars themed bookends? Who hasn't, amirite? Well pray yourself to sleep no more, my friends, because here comes the bride!

Here's an exclusive everyone is excited about -- a set of illuminated bookends that sports Darth Vader's lightsaber piercing through your prized set of Star Wars novels, comics, or DVDs! Bookends appear with "molten" holes where the blade is attached. Battery power eliminates the need for cords. Batteries not included.

$50 takes a set home. Alternatively, a quality set of faux boobs could run you up to $10K. Which, geez, I'm fine with just rubbing face on a lightsaber. *zip* NO NOT YOURS.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the pshfwwwuuuummmmm (that's the sound a lightsaber makes).


Product Site
Star Wars Lightsaber Bookends for your Interstellar Reading [obviouswinner]

Thanks to khz, who once stabbed a ninja sword through a stack of books and then got charged for them all when he tried to return them to the library. Smooth move.

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