Han Played First: A Millennium Falcon D-cast

March 15, 2010


First of all, D-cast like Dreamcast, not D-bag. Secondly, Power Stone II is by far one of the best games ever created, including 'doctor'. Sure you might not get to touch a boob under the guise of early cancer detection, but you weren't going to get to anyways. I do want you to take a look at this rash though. Now lick it. COME ON, IT'S LIKE KISSING A FROG!

The DC-Falcon was crafted by Steve Perry aka pezzapoo. Apparently the cult classic console and Perry's Millenium Falcon toy were perfect for each other. The Dreamcast's gameport plate easily fit into the side of the ship. After "lots of soldering" and the addition of two fans to keep the mod from bursting into flames, the DC-Falcon was born.

I love it. And I'm not just saying that because I hope pezzapoo makes me one, but I am going to steal his if he doesn't. Along with, oh I don't know, a kidney. SCALPEL!

Video demonstration of the system after the jump.

dc-falcon dreamcast casemod has got a lot of spirit [technabob]

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