Great Time Waster: Guess That Video Game

March 26, 2010


'The Challenging Stage' is a little online puzzle in which you scroll around a map and guess the video games represented by visual clues. For example, that's 'Double Dragon' there in the picture. Can you guess all 56? I couldn't. Granted I stopped at 7 to toast a bagel and mix another margarita and then lost interest, but that's only because I realized I drunkenly downloaded Peggle on my PS3 last night. Have fun entertaining yourselves, suckers! Kidding, KIDDING -- I'm your slave. Your love slave. Psyche! I couldn't live with myself if I found out I was the reason you left your hand.

The Challenging Stage (actual game)
The Challenging Stage [jayisgames]

Thanks to Rico, arguably the suavest tipster to ever exist.

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