Good Job, Kids: A Children's Choir Singing 'Still Alive' (The Portal Ending Credits Song)

March 29, 2010


NOTE: Video is one of the most poorly shot pieces of crap I've ever seen so feel free to just listen.

This is the Gifford Children's Choir of Racine, Wisconsin singing Jonathan Coulton's, 'Still Alive', affectionately known as the closing credits song from Portal. Of course, you probably wouldn't know that because you never beat the game. All that talk of cake sent you running wheezing to the bakery, didn't it? Go on, you can tell your Uncle GW, I can keep a secret. But can you? Aaaaand I'm creeping myself out again.

Hit it for the entirely suitable for work video.


Thanks to sham and Bmajaiboiiii, who both sing and dance like angels thanks to stage performance enhancing drugs.

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