Garage Elevator Allows You To Switch Out Your Lamborghinis In The Living Room

March 29, 2010


Can't decide which one of your Lamborghinis you want to display in the living room? Well fear not, because now you can get an elevator installed that connects your garage and living room, so you can display whichever one you want! You're richer than God!

This Tokyo (naturally) home was gamely designed by Takuya Tsuchida, who received the instruction above from a client with very particular taste.

Listen, I've got very particular taste too, but you don't see me telling an architect to install a slippy slide down the stairs, now do you? OF COURSE YOU DO I'M F***ING CLASSY.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the extravagance.




One Day We'll All Have a Living Room Lamborghini [gizmodo]

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