For The Love Of God, Shower: Geek Soap

March 31, 2010


Soap, as you may well know, is an integral part of cleaning yourself unless you're European. And what better way to keep your gooch minty fresh than a giant D-20 soap on a rope? Plus no more prison shower sex! Kidding, kidding, still plenty of prison shower sex. Anyway, Etsy seller The Pink Toque has a series of geeky soaps affectionately trademarked GEEKSOAP. And it's not all dice either, hit the jump for some Star Trek, binary, Cthulhu, and other geeky soap action. Now, who wants to scrub my back? Oh yeah, lower. Lower. Lower. What? Don't act like you've never touched a dingleberry before.

Hit the jump for more and another link to the Etsy store.






The Pink Toque's Etsy shop

Thanks to Bexx B, who threatened to wash my mouth out with soap. OH NO YOU DI'IN'T!

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