DO NOT WANT: Sexy Fembot LEGO Models

March 1, 2010


Flickr user rediv (aka Alan M) went and made himself some sexy LEGO fembots. Why? I dunno, he's sick in the head or something. Or maybe he just needs somebody to talk to (get a fish, God!). Isn't that right, Mr. Tickles? You're my friend, aren't you? Mr. Tickles? MR. TICKLES? OKAY, WHO THE F*** FED MY FISH AN OMELET?!

Hit the jump for a couple other shots, including an ass one, because you have issues.



rediv's Flickr Gallery
I think the 'bot' in 'fembot' isn't short for 'robot' [thelivingbrick]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who doesn't talk to LEGO ladies anymore because he has a K'nex girlfriend.

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