Computer Modeling: Is This Jesus' Face?

March 26, 2010


This a computer model of Jesus' face using information from the blood on the Shroud of Turin to create the image. He looks like somebody I know.

The image has been created for the History Channel's upcoming special, "The Real Face of Jesus," which is set to air next week.

Ray Downing, president of Studio Macbeth, explains how they recreated the "real" face of Jesus to the NY Post:

"We 'lifted' the blood and isolated it [on the computer]," he said, 'so that would sit 'in air' [on a transparent background]."

Interesting, Ray, but I've seen the "real" face of Jesus, and it didn't require any technical computer mumbo-jumbo. No, it came to me in Flamin' Hot Cheeto form and I ate the whole bag except for his face without getting diarrhea. It was a miracle.

The "Real Face of Jesus" (PHOTO) Revealed?! [postchronicle]

Thanks to Pete, who once saw the face of God in a cloud before getting struck by lighting. Geez, you can't look directly at him, Pete! Don't you remember the Nazis in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'?

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