But Nobody Cares: Personal Rosetta Stones

March 17, 2010


The Personal Rosetta Stone (Get Rosetta Stoned Today™) is a little 2-inch by 4-inch piece of granite (upper right in picture) that your relatives can glue to your grave so other people can access additional information about you via NFC-RFID enabled cell phone. OMG, you're gonna be the star of the graveyard!

  • Easily add wireless technology to any monument
  • Simply touch any NFC enabled cell phone to the tablet and see text and image on the screen
  • Non-NFC phones can access information manually
  • Select up to six Life Symbols to be engraved
  • No annual fees or additional charges - free shipping
  • Order for yourself and pass along to future generations

Pricing starts at $205. Basically, somebody waves their cell phone in front of the thing and then they can read whatever the hell you wrote before you kicked the bucket. It's like a Rosetta stone for your life. One nobody cares about. Plus pictures! Which -- are you thinking what I'm thinking? A ballshot and link to Geekologie, high-five!

Product Site

Thanks to Comfort Eagle and Blaqk Panda, who I'm officially making my spirit animals. Now, what do you two say we fly on down to the bar and f*** some bamboo up?

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