But I Like It Sour: Fancy Jug Detects Bad Milk

March 30, 2010


The Cravendale (personally, I'm Cravenchip) milk jug can detect sour milk and, provided it's not April Fool's, tell you so. Oh yeah? Ain't no jug's stupid opinion gettin' between me and my Count Chocula! You think I won't remove your batteries? I'll do it.

The technology used in the jug was discovered by the company's R&D team while researching the bacteria that actually turns milk sour, and is essentially a unique PH sensor that's built into its base. When sour milk is detected, a small LCD display on the outside of the jug changes from 'Fresh' to 'Sour'

I mean, really? What's next, a bottle that tells me when my beer is cold? This is ridiculous. There's a perfectly safe and simple method to determine if your milk has spoiled: watch your roommate eat breakfast. Oh -- oh yeah, he's puking. Beer it is.

Cravendale Milk Jug Detects Sour Milk [ohgizmo]

Thanks to cookiemonster, who doesn't give a dang if the milk's spoiled, he needs something to dunk dem cookies in!

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