Brings A Tear To My Eye: Three Guys Create 100,000 Keystroke Move-By-Move Script So A Blind Gamer Can Beat Ocarina Of Time

March 3, 2010


Jordan Verner is blind. And he posted a few videos of himself playing through parts of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Youtube. But he wanted more, he wanted to beat the whole game. Thankfully, Roy Williams saw his videos.

Through Skype, Jordan said he asked for help in completing the entire game -- help that he didn't seriously expect.

So Williams and thee other diehard gamers each took different parts and copied down every single move. "Every time we make a move, we roll, jump, do anything, we type down on the computer exactly what we're doing," said Williams.

Verner would then take the script and have his computer read it to him as he played.

An average gamer will take about a week to play through the entire thing, but this project took almost 2 years and more than 100,000 keystrokes. Finally, Jordan beat the entire thing.

"I felt great," said Jordan. "I felt strong. I felt like the sky's the limit."

"Our school's motto -- and I live by it -- is the impossible is only the untried," said Jordan.

First of all, HOW THE F*** DID YOU GET PAST THE WATER TEMPLE?! And secondly, is that not the most beautiful thing you've ever heard? Because it is to me and I've heard angels sing 'Alice's Restaurant' with full orchestration and five-part harmony and stuff like that.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video news report about the project.

Camden man's project helps blind man beat video game [wistv]

Thanks to Nick, who made fun of me for taking so long on the Water Temple. Shut up I lose my sense of direction underwater, okay!?

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