Bones!: Awesome UV-Light Sensitive Tattoo

March 9, 2010


I've known UV light tattoos have existed for awhile, but I've never seen such good use of the idea until Matty posted this picture on Geekologie's Facebook page. So yeah, props to whoever this is having them go all the way to the fingernail, I'd figure that would hurt. Of course, I said the same thing about jumping in front of a bus to save an old lady group of elementary schoolchildren on a field-trip chaperoned by nuns. And kittens -- did I mention the kittens? Yeah, there was a whole basketful of really cute ones.

Geekologie's Facebook Page (join, it'll be just like we're childhood friends!)

Thanks to Matty, who's considering a UV tattoo because he knows his mom would kill him if got a visible one.

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