Batman Stabbing A Shark With A Lightsaber

March 19, 2010


Dammit Bruce, that's not how you hold a lightsaber. You're likely to cut your own Bat-peen off stabbing around like that. I'm serious, one time I was swinging around a rope bone for my dog like that and walloped myself in the change purse. I managed to waddle to the bathroom and drop my shorts just as I passed out.

Check out artist Andrew Zubko's official site here.

George Washington vs a tiger? How about Batman with a lightsaber vs a shark? [iheartchaos]

Thanks to JFreezy, FelipeMago, Chessa, silvermidnight, Marty McFly, Ben and Matt, who would have liked to see some giant octopus action in there for good measure.

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