Ballin' The Jack: GW Is Moving Cross Country

March 12, 2010



I'm leaving today to drive 2,100 miles cross country to Los Angeles, which I will be calling home until it chews me up and spits me out and tries to urinates on me before I roundhouse kick it in the pecker (I may be down, but I'm never out). That's my actual set-up in the picture, so you know the trip is gonna be pure awesome and smooth sailing. Things should return to normal by mid next-week, but I'll be continuing to write what I can in the mornings and have the posts drop throughout the day (including today, I've got at least six for you) as I travel, because I love you all that much. But if for any reason you aren't getting enough Geekologie to the vein, click the archive button to the right (or click random tags) and explore some of the other 6,500 articles on the site. One of the most popular tips I get is something I posted yesterday or last week, so there's bound to be something you've missed. And remember: I'll be thinking about you while I'm screaming at the blue hair in front of me for pulling out and going 40.


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