Arguably The Best Site On The Internet

March 12, 2010


Aside from Geekologie and The International Jurassic Park Erotic Fan-Fiction Writer's Association, Lazertits might very well be the best site to ever hit the web -- and my retinas. HAPPY EYES!

For centuries the female bosom has been wrongfully held in the prison of maternal duty and frat boy motor-boating. The time has come to blow the cell doors open for breasts! Howl for hooters! Terrorize for tits! Bomb for boobs! LAZERTITS looks into the past and changes the future one broad at a time. What will YOU say when your kids ask where you were during the revolution? Don't burn your bra, BLAST IT!!!

The site consists entirely of women, with, you guessed it, PEW BOOBS. Unfortunately, because of all the awesomeness the site is probably regarded as NSFW. Actually, it definitely is -- I just spotted a woman with a nonfunctional laser vaj on page two. MEDIC!


Thanks to Lea C, who is a woman and thus makes my posting this entirely okay. Some would argue even noble.

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