I Said Stop Licking My Neck!: A Yoshi Scarf

March 22, 2010


Well folks, whichever neighbor it is whose internet I was stealing before mine got connected finally caught on this morning. Thankfully, the cable guy just hooked mine up so I AM BACK ON THE INTERNETS BABY. GEEKOLOGIE LIFTOFF IN 3...2...1....PPSSSSSHOOOOOOOW!!

This is a Yoshi scarf created (with love and yarn) by arts and craftster slash Etsy seller ShadowsInTheNyte. She sells them for $45 and has a bunch of other geeky crochet items as well. You know, if you're into that. Me? I'm into other dudes.

ShadowsInTheNyte's Etsy
This custom-made Yoshi scarf is AWESOME! [destructoid]

Thanks to raficus, who has a scarf made of genuine Yoshi skin because he's sick and hunts little dino-thingies.

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