Apple Commercial In Style Of Old Spice Ads

March 3, 2010

This is a parody of the Old Spice commercials that are all the rage on your fancy moving-picture box these days (posted one after the jump for those of you who haven't seen them), except it's for Apple products. Only problem is, it didn't make me laugh like the originals. Those things are funny as shit! Shit on fire that you're stomping out with your best dress socks on. I'M TALKING ROFLQUALITY. No I'm not. Dude is dead-ass sexy though.. And speaking of dead asses, go ahead -- pinch it. Can't feel a thing. (Yes I can too and I'm loving every second of it!)

Hit the jump for the original Old Spice ad if you haven't seen it.


Thanks to Chris, who once stomped flaming brown out with his bare feet and still remembers what it feels like between his toes. Wow, that's gross.

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