You Go Girl!: New Computer Engineer Barbie

February 13, 2010


Finally, after years of being a mis-proportioned strumpet, Barbie has finally put herself through college (stripping) and earned a Computer Engineering degree. I'm proud of you, Barbie (one more lap dance for old time's sake?).

Not only will Computer Engineer Barbie be attached to her shiny pink laptop and Bluetooth earpiece, but Mattel worked closely with the Society of Women Engineers to ensure that Barbie's fashions were as geek chic as possible. She sports a binary tee, black skinny pants, retro-styled glasses, and totes a smartphone along with her other essentials.

Way to go, Barbie. Say, is that a Tokyoflash watch? You're hipper than I thought you were! Kidding -- look at yourself. You're wearing a binary shirt with circuit board sleeves.

Barbie's New Career: Computer Engineer! [geeksugar]

Thanks to emerica, mimi and Bella, who could out-code Barbie with their eyes closed. Seriously, they're touch-typists.

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