WTF, Japan, Seriously?: 'Crying Girl' DVD

February 3, 2010


Because Japan never ceases to amaze me, 'Crying Girls' is a soon-to-be-released DVD of, well, girls crying. Because some people are into that. And those people should be put on a watch list.

It may not be The Crying Game but "Crying Girl" (Nakigao, in Japanese) from Amuse Soft Entertainment has its fair share of crying. In fact, it's almost ALL crying. One after another, 11 minor female celebs shed real tears as they recount some of the worst days of their lives.

The "11 stories of people crying in earnest", as the DVD's tag line states, include some that really don't seem so terrible but instead reflect the rigors of being an up & coming model in Japan's fiercely competitive "idol" culture:

* Marika, who was yelled at by her manager.

* Risa, who had been jilted by her boyfriend.

* Nana, who saw a bad picture of herself in a magazine.

* Shiho, who cried when her boyfriend said goodbye.

* Mai, who cried "touching the loneliness of the city".

* Yutaka, who has a friend with breast cancer who's engaged to marry.

Wow, Japan, wow. You have officially crossed the line. That said, for $20 I'll video chat you for 30 minutes and cry my eyes out. BECAUSE I'M SENSITIVE. Muscular and sensitive.

Crying Girl DVD Helps Men Feel Strong [inventorspot]

Thanks to Rob, who will video chat and scream at you for free.

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