Visions Of The Future: Robotic Killer Cheetah

February 3, 2010


Tell me that's not the most frightening thing you've seen all day and I'll call you a dirty liar. I may even throw something in about your mother. Fighting words.

The Steampunk Cheetah measures 61 cm or 24 inches high and 127 cm or 50 inches in length. It weighs around 40 pounds. This mechanical cat is constructed with typical electrical conduit. It took 20-gauge steel to work out this spectacular image of the Cheetah. The best part of this cool Steampunk cheetah is watching her sprinting across on her paw wheels with great zest and zeal. The movement of this metallic cheetah is such that it is going to grab his enemies.

At first I thought the beast was just a static sculpture but it turns out the robo-bastard is actually movable, making him just an AI processor and a few servos away from my worst nightmare. And speaking of worst nightmares: I heard if you die in a dream you die in real life but that's not true because it happened to me once. Twice. Three times a laaaaady.

Hit the jump for another shot.


Cool Steampunk Cheetah Comes to Life [walyou]

Thanks to Tony, who can outrun a cheetah but not a pack of rabid women.

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