Triforce Latte: Dammit Link, Stop Fidgeting

February 21, 2010


This is a Triforce latte (liquid courage, power and wisdom) that deviantARTist Monk Drew made his brother for his birthday. Now I'm not saying a coffee-drink is a pretty weak-ass present, but my brother did get me Carl Sagan's Cosmos on DVD for Christmas. Just sayin' -- WHAT DID I NOT DESERVE BLU-RAY?! Kidding Frank, I know it's not available ALTHOUGH I'M CHECKING AMAZON RIGHT NOW JUST TO MAKE SURE. Whew, okay we're cool.

Monk Drew's DeviantART (with a ton more great latte art)
Triforce Latte - A Drink for a True Hero [albotas]

Thanks to Christy, who once drank a Zora latte on the way to work and puked all over the back of the bus.

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