Time Waster: 38 Years Of Super Bowl Ads

February 10, 2010

Looking for a great way to stick it to the man and catch up on 38 of 44 years worth of Super Bowl commercials? Well you're in luck broski, thanks to Adland's 38 Years of Super Bowl Commercials. I bet if you tried, you could watch commercials all day and not do a lick of actual work. Alternatively, nap in your car. JUST NOT IN THE TRUNK WITH THE LID CLOSED. Kidding, kidding -- you don't want to get caught do you?!

NOTE: You have to click the link below to see all the ads, the video above isn't a compilation, it's just two men in love.

38 years of Super Bowl Commercials [adland]

Thanks to Nicole, who could out-advertise Bud Light.

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