They're So Talented: Little Birds Playing Guitar

February 3, 2010

This is a video of little birds playing guitar as part of some wack-ass French (of course) art exhibit.

For his installation in The Curve, Boursier-Mougenot creates a walk-though aviary for a flock of zebra finches, furnished with electric guitars and other musical instruments. As the birds go about their routine activities, perching on or feeding from the various pieces of equipment, they create a captivating, live soundscape.

Hmm, I dunno. Is a bunch of little birds playing guitar really art? Did I serve as the model for Michalangelo's David? That was supposed to be rhetorical. But since I've piqued your interest, yes, I did. Except for the wang (I had mine thrown over my shoulder).

Birds Can Play Guitar [buzzfeed]

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