They All Look Good To Me: Man Seeks Disguised Weapons, Upset With Reply

February 12, 2010


Jeff posted an online ad looking for disguised weapons so he can attack people without their knowing. Unfortunately, Mike replied to his ad with some DIY weaponry. Jeff was not impressed. This is the knife Mike offered him, but hit the jump to see a sweet handgun, rifle and shotgun he was also willing to part with. I don't get it, they all look good to me. Geez Jeff, go get yourself a damn belt sword. Just don't forget you're wearing it when you feel like getting kinky in the bedroom. I've gone through had a friend go through two call girls already. Sliced their buttcheeks clean off.

Hit the jump for the rest of the hilarity.


Disguisable Weapons [dontevenreply]

Thanks to pstone, MoD and Trevor, who

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