The Disc Is Over The Fence: Frisbee Inventor Walter Frederick Morrison Dies At Age 90

February 12, 2010


Seen here playing spaceman, Walter Frederick Morrison invented the modern Frisbee in the 1950's after throwing a metal cake pan around on the beach with his wife. And the rest, my friends, is toy history.

He originally called his toy the Pluto Platter and sold it at local fairs.

In 1957 Mr Morrison sold the rights to the California firm Wham-O, which discovered that youngsters were calling the toy a "Frisbie" after the name of a well-known pie. The company changed the spelling to avoid trademark infringement and the Frisbee was born.

On the official Frisbee website, Wham-O paid tribute to Mr Morrison, who was known as Fred.

"As Frisbee discs keep flying though the air, bringing smiles to faces, Fred's spirit lives on. Smooth flights, Fred," it read.

Ah, I can't even begin to imagine how many countless hours I've spent throwing the ol' Pluto Platter around in the yard with friends. Well Fred, this throw's for you. *CRASH* Oh shit.

Rest in peace.

Frisbee inventor Walter Frederick Morrison dies aged 90 [bbcnews]

Thanks to Cpt. Lars Von Fingerbang III, direct descendant of the royal Von Shockers.

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