The Cutest Lil Dino Models You Ever Did See!

February 26, 2010


Tinysaurs are little dinosaur models created by artist Kelly Farrell. They're cute as hell and you better believe I'm gonna catch 'em all. Then lacquer them and carry them around in my pocket. ZOMG -- I hope they nibble holes in my underwear!

Each one is laser cut out of oak tag board using a 35 watt cutting laser, and pre-perfed for (relatively) easy assembly - assuming you've got some really steady hands.

The T-Rex, triceraptops, stegosaurus and woolly mammoth kits are all available over at Kelly's Etsy shop, the Maker's Market, or Everything Tiny and cost just $7 (USD) unassembled, and $16 with a pair of tweezers and glue in a handy gift tin.

If you're a complete lazy-ass with no hand-eye coordination Kelly is also selling pre-assembled dinos in a little glass case for $60. I don't recommend those. You get no street-cred for buying things preassembled.

Hit the jump for several more pics of the possibilities!





tinysaur: dinosaurs get really, really small [technabob]

Thanks to Zmann966 and Sarah, who accidentally glued their heads to their shoulders trying to assemble a t-rex. YOU DID IT WRONG.

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