The $800 Lamp You're Supposed To Destroy

February 12, 2010


Looking for a ridiculously expensive lamp you're supposed to bang a bunch of holes in with a pick-hammer? Well you're in luck, because I just paper-mâché'd every lamp in my parent's house AND I AM OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

That's exactly the value proposition you'll get if you pick up artist Jordi Canudas' Less Lamp. You see, this pendant lighting fixture looks like a solid black hanging egg when you first receive it, letting exactly none of the light out into your room. But thanks to the included pick, you can chip your way through the delicate exterior eggshell and let the light shine out to your own liking.

Wow, reminds me of this chair. I think the two of them could really tie a room together. And speaking of which, mind if I do a J? Pfft -- I don't need your permission! But I do need your lighter. Give it to me.

Hit the jump for a pic of what happens when you bang it a little too much.


less lamp: break your lamp the minute you get it [technabob]

Thanks to Alice, who you can see in Wonderland on March 5th (PAY ME, DISNEY!).

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