Sweet-Ass Augmented Reality Dragon Tattoo

February 16, 2010

Want a badass dragon tattoo but worried what your mom will think? Fear not, because now you can get a square instead, and, when you video-chat your special lady-friend on the interwebs, BOOM, IT'S A FLYING DRAGON! You are so hardcore! Of course, not as hardcore as I am because I just had one of those little winged-lizards implanted under my skin. He was in my arm, but I can feel him crawling around in chest now which, oh God -- oh God *chest bursts* ALIIIIIIEEEEEEN!! Kidding, kidding, winged-lizard.

Augmented Reality Tattoo turns your body into virtual art [dvice]

Thanks to mchl, who has a real dragon tattoo that flaps its wings when he flexes. Now that's cool.

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