Star Trek Online Fans Set Record For Most People Dressed As Star Trek Characters

February 22, 2010


How many people do you think it would take to set the record for most people dressed as Star Trek characters in the same place at once? I guessed 1,000 because I figured that a lot of people cosplayed at Trekkie conventions and what have you, but apparently not, or at least they've never had Guinness there (God please tell me there was at least Bud Light). That's right, it only took 99. That's pathetic! I mean, shit, people organized a 2,510 Smurf get-together.

99 Star Trek Online fans spent the day breaking the most unapologetically dorky world record known to mankind: The most costumed Star Trek fans ever gathered in a single place. We imagine they also broke the "most depressing way to spend a Valentine's Day" record as well, but we don't have any way of empirically proving that.

Personally, that sounds like a great way to spend Valentine's. Plus all the participants scored lifetime subscriptions to Star Trek Online. So that's something. And so is that character on the left. Anybody know where she lives? She looks like something I'd be interested in. Hunting -- with a spear-gun.

Star Trek Online fans set nerdiest world record ever [joystiq]

Thanks to Kevin007, who infiltrated the mob and managed to take some bow tie camera spy-shots up some freaky green chick's skirt. Uh, congratulations?

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