Sausage Stylus Lets You Use A Touchscreen And Never Have To Remove Your Gloves

February 12, 2010


South Koreans, being the industrious people that they are, have discovered that you can substitute an individually packaged sausage to operate your iPhone or other touchscreen cellphone without ever having to take your gloves off. Plus, they make a great snack afterward! The sausages, not the Koreans. Now I know what you're thinking, "But GW, what if I don't have a pre-packaged sausage in my pocket?" And the answer to that, dear reader, is use the man's penis next to you. Trust me, one time I beat 8 levels of Bejeweled before guy got off the bus!

South Korea Discovers The Sausage Stylus [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Grissom, who has gloves that allow you can unwrap individual fingers. Cheater.

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