ROFL: Keyboard Has LOL, BRB, L8R Buttons

February 16, 2010


The undeniable pinnacle of computer peripherals, the Fast Fingers keyboard is a $20 example of the opposite of that. It does allow you to choose between a standard QWERTY keyboard layout and an alphabetically ordered one though. But is that all? NO SIR, BECAUSE IF YOU ORDER IN THE NEXT 15-MINUTES I'LL THROW IN THE ABILITY TO ACTIVE 12 DIFFERENT HOTKEYS TO TYPE THINGS LIKE 'ASAP', 'CYA', 'THX', 'THC', 'PCP', 'YOUDOWNWITHOPP?' and 'YEAHYOUKNOWME'. Well hotdog and coldcat my friends this sounds like an unbelievable deal! Can you tell I belong on QVC? Because I do. Also on the front of $3 bills.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the -- now where's that 'POS' key?



At Last, A Keyboard With A LOL Button [kotaku]

Thanks to Stephan and the juice, only one of which I injected into my asscheeks to achieve superhuman strength. It was Stephan.

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