Robo Theme Park One Step Closer To Reality

February 11, 2010


In terribly God-awful news, Korea's proposed Robot Land, a robot themed amusement park, has now received initial investment and a first round of conceptual drawings. *gulp* I haven't been more scared of an amusement park since one of those animatronic dolls from 'It's A Small World' tried jumping in my boat to grope me.

According to Plastic Pals, a group of private investors recently met with the city council (probably Masan's city council, as Robot Land's city council has yet to be built) to hash out details, with the result of the government ponying up some $229 million of a promised $600 million. But not everyone is happy about all this -- indeed, organizers of Incheon City's robot theme park are unamused by the thought of a similar attraction competing for those hard-earned tourist dollars.

Wait -- two competing robotic theme parks? What the hell's the matter with you, Korea? You think I won't boycott you? I will boycott you. Korean Geekologie operatives, report in! Okay, now this is important: are any of you comfortable smuggling kimchi in your pants?

Robot Land theme park gets investors, conceptual renders [engadget]

Thanks to CoinOperatedBoi, timpeva, Raul, patvince, NeoAaron and XorKaya, who wonder why they sell season passes when all the rides are designed to kill you.

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