Robot Pirate Vs. Zombie Ninja On Dinosaur

February 10, 2010


This is a comic by Tim Buckley appropriately titled 'This is How the World Ends'. It bears a striking resemblance to 'GW Vs. the Volcano' except that one didn't have any robots in it CAUSE I'D ALREADY KILLED THEM ALL. And that, my friends, is how the world really ends: GW blowing up a volcano full of mangled robot parts and riding his t-rex off into the sunset (plus a shit-ton of reach arounds).

This is How the World Ends [cad-comic]

Thanks to Anna, Eric, Joe, derzulu, patvince, Maciu, Ashley, chappers, Mocto, Alex, schmotze, ViviFFIX, Notbob, Jason, ASGRIM THE MIGHTY, Tim, Joseph and pierre, who bet everything on the zombie ninja. Smart, guys.

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