Robin William Talking About Gaming And Naming His Daughter After Princess Zelda PLUS VERY, VERY SPECIAL BONUS!!

February 26, 2010

NOTE: Video AFTER THE JUMP is NSFW due to thong. I told you it was a special bonus -- AND I DON'T LIE!

This is a video of Robin Williams on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' talking about getting "OWNED" by 10 year-olds playing Call of Duty and naming his daughter after Princess Zelda. Respect (I loved you in Mrs. Doubtfire!). And, since it's Friday (and I feel kinda bad about the Lara Croft thing), I included a video of a girl in a thong crushing a watermelon between her thighs that I found on the same site after watching the Robin Williams video. The sound alone was enough to give me the chills. Just like fingernails on a chalkboard, except a woman crushing a melon with her hooha.

Hit it for the watermelon crushing fright-fest.

Robin Williams talks about getting owned in Call of Duty [noob]
Classy lady crushes a watermelon using her thighs [noob]

Thanks to Gerbos, who

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