Plus You Look Cool: Supine Reading Glasses

February 16, 2010


I'm pretty sure these $50 Supine Reading Glasses have been around for awhile because I remember using them to look up girls' skirts while breakdancing, but here they are, just in case you didn't know they existed. Think of them as periscopes. Really dorky-ass periscopes you wear to bed. Booboobooboop -- booboobooboop.

Reading while lying down tends to involve propping your head up with uncomfortable pillow arrangements, often with your neck bent in angles that will result in a moderate amount of pain the following day. These reading glasses bend light 90º to save you that trouble.

Not to brag or anything, but did you know one time I strong-armed light and bent it 365º? Because I did. Sure it created a worm-hole and swallowed my neighbor's cat, but NO, FOR THE LAST TIME I SWEAR TO GOD THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED I DID NOT BACK OVER HIM (what kind of animal falls asleep behind a f***ing tire?!).

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Supine Reading Glasses Reduce Need to Raise Head [uberreview]

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