Pics Or You Lie: Last Night Shuttle Launch Carries Viewing Portal To Space Station

February 8, 2010


The last scheduled night launch of a space shuttle (besides mine) went down early this morning, and carried a very important payload. A pickle jar full of my sperms? No. A viewing portal to be attached to the International Space Station (sorry for getting your hopes up, aliens).

On board Endeavor (STS-130) is Cupola, a relatively huge bay window to be attached to the International Space Station (ISS) that will give astronauts the most magnificent view ever seen from space (short of taking a spacewalk). Expect great pictures from this 1.6-ton behemoth -- it's 9.7 feet wide and 5 feet long with seven windows all around, including a 31.5-inch circular window, the largest ever flown into space.

Hey, that's cool too. Why start a colony of alien GW's when you can take pretty pictures of earth? Besides every good reason you could possibly think of, including, wait -- I wouldn't have to pay child support for all them freaky alien kids, would I? Because I'll fight that shit all the way to the Supreme Court Maury. I AM NOT THE FATHER.

Shuttle's final night launch lifts largest window ever into orbit [dvice]
Hi-Res Picture (moderately related) [space]

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