Omg Please Tell Me It Comes With The Mask: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Backpacks

February 24, 2010


This $40 backpack from Hot Topic (I know, I secretly love that place too!) holds shit and makes you look like a ninja turtle. What more could you ask for from a bookbag? Jesus, it's not gonna do your math homework.

This backpack is in the shape of a half-shell and includes four masks. Turtle power!

WOOT! That's right, the bag includes masks in all four turtle colors! I like turtles! AND getting high in the Turtle Van. Come on guys, make me an honorary member. I'll wear the brown mask AND WIELD A F***ING LIGHTSABER! Now, give it to me straight -- which one of you is banging April? Master Splinter?! GTFO.

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Thanks to Pete, who once pulled Krang out his android body's stomach and beat him with a shovel.

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