No No No No No: Humanoid Flies First Class

February 11, 2010


This robo-jerk, the same one who tried creating a Facebook profile to infiltrate the Geekologie Fan Page, is now flying around in the first class section of airplanes. BAD IDEA.

Travellers on a recent Emirates flight from Dubai to Riyadh were accompanied by a different type of passenger, after the Dubai-based airline was tasked with transporting one of the world's most advanced humanoid robots.

Able to verbally interact with people, Ibn Sina stunned fellow passengers as he was checked in at Emirates' dedicated First Class check-in counters and relaxed in Emirates' First Class lounge prior to boarding his flight.

The transportation of Ibn Sina required countless hours of planning and input from multiple Emirates Group departments to ensure the humanoid was cleared for travel by the Dubai Police Authorities, the Dubai International Airport and Emirates' safety team.

Uh, could you really not just stuff him in a box and mail him to his destination set it on fire? And how come I can't even use my cassette player advanced media device during taxi and take-off and this BEEP BOOP BOPPING jerk can fly? OH GOD -- PLEASE TELL ME HE DIDN'T GET COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGE SERVICE.

Humanoid discovered travelling on Emirates flight [arabiansupplychain]

Thanks to Cohan, Conan's hunkier, battle-axe wielding brother.

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