No Computers In Class: Professor Freezes, Shatters Laptop With Liquid Nitrogen

February 23, 2010

This is a video of an OU physics professor freezing and shattering a laptop with liquid nitrogen to remind students not to bring them to class. It was pretty effective. Not as effective as the time Mr. Wizard shattered a giant bouncy ball with liquid nitrogen, but this guy isn't exactly Mr. Wizard. Also, the camera-phoner filming it didn't actually manage to get the shattering on video, so I'd gonna go ahead and suggest you fail them now. Geez, it's just light waves and shit -- you will never understand physics! On a side note, did you know I beat emulated versions of 'Ocarina of Time' AND 'Majora's Mask' on my laptop in class while I was getting my master's? Because I did. AND STILL GRADUATED WITH HONORS. Huh? No I didn't blow all my professors!!

Don't Bring Laptops to Class or Else [gizmodo]

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