New English Road Named After Lara Croft

February 26, 2010


Lara Croft (seen here) is best known for raiding tombs and being the relic hunting alter-ego of Angelina Jolie. And now, the town of her origin is honoring her with a road, Lara Croft Way. Hey, that's cool, but I've had a road named after me for years. GW Parkway, anybody? High-five, DC peeps!

The Tomb Raider babe, played by Angelina Jolie in movie adaptations of the hit games, was created by Derby-based Core Design in the mid-1990s.

Bosses at the city's council today announced their new £36million ring road will be called Lara Croft Way following a public vote.

Nearly 28,000 people took part in the online poll, and Lara Croft emerged the clear winner -- with 89 per cent of the vote.

Congratulations, Lara, I'd drive on you. IN MY MONSTER TRUCK! I am gonna f*** your roadsigns up!

Lara Croft is curvy new road [thesun]

Thanks to Littlezan and Add still loves Elmo, who both have roads named after them because they are practically celebrities scammed the Make A Wish Foundation growing up.

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