Michael Jackson Commemorative Hard Drive

February 9, 2010


Available February 24th for a scant $123, this commemorative Michael Jackson "This is It" hard drive is a monster piece of how the hell did this ever become a real product? And to think I couldn't find a single manufacturer willing to roll out my line of Geekologie laptops. I dunno, something about the 1.21 jiggawatts processor. Amateurs.

Under the hood, you get a S2 Portable HXMU050DA, with 500 GB capacity on USB 2.0. Oh, and a DRM locked copy of This Is It. Don't worry, you'll also get a little voucher with the activation code you need to watch it. Heaven help you if you want to burn it to a DVD to watch anywhere other than on your computer.

Who the hell would ever buy that? I know people love Michael Jackson and all, but still, You gotta draw the line somewhere. And that line should be right after MJ bobble heads.

"This is It" Commemorative Hard Drive [crunchgear]

Thanks to Van, who was shocked to find out it doesn't come preloaded with the boys section of a JC Penny catalog. WOCKA WOCKA WOCKA!

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